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The military strengthens the northern border with equipment and troops to fight drug trafficking.

Almost seven months after the deployment of the army Northern border like that military Assist Logically Fighting security forces The government is gearing up for equipment, weapons, rocket launchers and armored radar reinforcements at a global value of $ 794 million and will have 500 troops completed in the coming months It will be added to the 500 soldiers deployed along the border.

President Mauricio McLean During the visit to the military, materials, military equipment and vehicles will be headed Friday Friday for delivery Arsenals 602 battalion in Boulogne. He will accompany the Secretary of Defense, Oscar Aguad, And the authorities of the army.

"We have tried to strengthen the northern border from humans and materials. Drug trafficking And terror " He expressed to Infobae As Defense Secretary, it took months to collect military equipment.

In this way, The Army's equipment is $ 438.354871 for new or modernized materials and is equivalent to $ 356.054.684 derived from the "Rest of Effects 2018" for equiped equipment. A total of $ 794,409,555 will be invested in military equipment.

In all of this we Two A4 aircraft What is in it? 2,500 kilometer In Northern border Add the other two pampas, two Texas II Amount still inaccurate Helicopter The Air Force.

In parallel with all deployments of military equipment Gendarmerie And prefecture On the northern border, The Army will move more than 500 troops over the next few months and will now add to 500.

The barracks and brigades will not be closed on the northern border, but some regiments may be neutralized in other regiments to strengthen troops in the northern region. " It opened in August last year.

According to a Scheduled Documents The army he agreed to Infobae, The government is ready to send it to the northern border. 30 machine guns The new M-240 (7.62 mm) is available for $ 10,905,505. 29 mortars (81mm) was modernized to a value of $ 231.768. 27 anti-tank rocket launchers New $ 20,356,820; 10 rifles Assault model Argentina $ 344 $ 12,728,000; 20 radios The values ​​of VHF and HF are $ 40,656,328; 19 radars Short ground $ 102,402,315; 24 Unmanned aircraft Short and Medium Reach's new $ 3,121,066; 3 cabins $ 8,572,000 of new communications; material health $ 7,342,303; 8 Minibus $ 23,909,919, 19 new passengers; Three utilities At $ 2,124,480; 18 Ford Ranger 4 × 4 A new value of $ 25,401,600; Ten trucks Medium-sized Mercedes-Benz (1725), $ 39,447,000 New 5 Omnibus Of the 50 passengers, $ 46,666,291; Two bulldozers To the larvae of $ 25,917,554; Combat vehicle The value of modernized personnel transport is $ 1,150,000. Tank Modernized medium-sized Argentina ($ 1,332,000); Eight combat vehicles Modernized M-113 with a cost of $ 5,920,000 18 multi-purpose vehicles The Unimog 416 has been modernized for $ 3,361,000.

In addition to this heavy equipment, the Army reported that it would be sent to the northern border. Boots battle, Uniform, distribution battle, parachute, Container health care module, container kitchen and accommodation module.

As material "remains" of 2018 are communicated Five bases of optical location At $ 35,298,734; 2 Ford Ranger 4 × 4 $ 3,603,000; 6 Intermediate truck Mercedes Benz (1725): $ 31,220,778; 3 trucks $ 18,101,286 water tank; Four coder / programmers cost $ 409,572; 44 rifle 36 trucks that are not physical, 6×6 Oshkosh and 23 trucks Reo.

At the Pentagon, Infobae All of this equipment Macri will be offering this Friday Bullion A total of $ 794,409,555 was delivered to the army by the government,One of the largest investments in history on the northern border"

What the military intends in collaboration with the Department of Defense The & # 39; funnel area & # 39; At the northern border to collect drug traffickers at legitimate border crossings. In other words, military deployments to support security forces and deployed equipment will be deployed in porous areas on a wide range of borders. 2,500 kilometer What 's in there? Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile And Brazil

This idea does not disable brigades in your area. Pontera Norte But strengthen them with equipment and bags that will be deactivated in the other bag as well. Thus, the brigade of the Salta Army (V) will remain, and among other things, infantry, battalion engineer, company Intellect Military hospitals, artilleryman And a communication group; That one Jujuy Where artillery, infantry, and brigades are located Chaco And Formosa The 12th Posadas Where there's an infantry regiment cavalry Telecommunications companies and companies engineer None of these are disabled.

Meanwhile, Infobae I agreed to. paper A kind of detail, First 500 Months First Army Layout Analysis

The report "Operations Northern Integration"In the framework of the process of restructuring the national defense system, the Integración Operations campaign has foreseen, prevented and overcome possible threats that could affect national security," he said.

As detailed in the assessment report prepared by the Ministry of National Defense,It contains three basic motion axes."The main purpose is Argentine County Its unit was laid between the Salta cities of San Antonio de Los Cobres, Puerto Iguazu, and Misios. One of the more detailed columns of the program Security forces, Through the means and training available to the military

Finally, he argues that the population has been helped through various support for the community, such as health and food campaigns, spare parts of educational facilities, ditching of roads, maintenance of structures and routes.

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