Friday , June 25 2021

The new value of Mendoza

Gasoline prices fell for the first time throughout the year.. Since the early hours of Monday, Oil company YPF After talking to the government and after declining international oil prices and the stabilization of the peso, we decided to implement measures for the benefit of consumers.

Therefore, the new price of the pump is reduced by about 0.95%.

Amena (Asociación Mendocina de Expendores de Nafta) in our region offers the following prices:

– Super naphtha increased 0.95%, representing a value of $ 38.24 (previously $ 38, 63).

– Infinity, 0.985%, $ 43.24 (Previous $ 43.90)

This price drop was not included. Anti-diesel fuel has increased:

Ultra Diesel $ 35.71 (Previously $ 34.64)

Infiniti Diesel $ 40.55 (Previous $ 39.37)

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