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The softest photo of Cande Tinelli with her boyfriend

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February 11, 2019

The driver's daughter traveled south with her partner Luca Bonomi and shared soft postcards on social networks.

Candlestick Tinny

Candelaria Tinelli is known as the rage of social networks. Designers usually share images and videos of more than 3 million Instagram followers and intimate lives.

On this occasion the little girl went up. Soft postcard with his partner, Luca Bonomi, resting in the south.

"South", Lele and 21 years old. In just a few hours, you can see the dreams of young people dressed in black outfits on postcards over 57,000 "likes".

Candela Ria Tinelli

Luca is an intimate friend of Fran Tinelli.Despite the publication of a well-known magazine, he presented his sister to his sister when she left the actress Franco Masini, in public office as Cupid.

Other than that Love for a tattooBoth have a few designs on the body, one of which has something in common with clothing designers He also works in apparel brands.

Businesswoman Federico Bonomi (owner of Kosiuko) and textile designer Cynthia Kern are part of Herencia Argentina, a family-renowned brand of Herencia Custom Garage Argentina, a travel and motorcycle program on Discovery.

Candelaria Tinelli melted Instagram into the hottest photo. "Summer is coming.

A young man defines himself as a fan and collector of cars. Also, as he said on the blog before, his favorite car is the Camaro.

That The showmatch drivers' daughters and young lovers of motorcycles are in pairs for a year. In 2018, we enjoyed our first romantic vacation in Miami, USA.

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