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The Xbox One S reportedly has a release date.

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The presence of the console has long been known. Xbox One S (All digital) But the exact details of its release date and its price are not yet known.

source :, The German site that specializes in technology is about to change soon.

According to this source, the release of this console Microsoft, The first is that there is no entry for the physical disk, It will be the next May 7th, presale will start on Tuesday, April 16th.

This console is a breakthrough in terms of hardware. It has a storage capacity of 1TB and is capable of generating images in 4K and HDR quality and costs about $ 260.

Because the console is a complete digital device due to insufficient disk input, you must download or play the game through the streaming service.

The industry associated with video games seems to be adapting to change and heading into the future without a physical form.

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