Friday , June 25 2021

There are about 6,500 people living with AIDS in Rosario.

On today's Day of AIDS Day, Health Minister Leonardo Caruana and Coordinator Damián Lavarello announced the epidemiological situation of Rosario and its HIV / AIDS region. . Soledad Rodríguez, Director of the State Autarchic Institute of Obra Social (Iapos), and Carolina Cudos, Director of the Department of Public Health Epidemiology, attended the meeting.

According to the data provided, it is estimated that approximately 10,800 people are living with HIV / AIDS, of whom 6,500 are from Rosario, accounting for 60% of the province and 4.8% of the country. Approximately 3,000 people receive antiretroviral therapy provided by Nation of the public health system.

Vertical transmission (mother / daughter) during the past 6 years showed the lowest rate at 1.9%.

To prevent it, the Ministry of Health has tested about half of pregnant couples serving in the health network, leading this strategy and ratifying the relationship between men and women as pregnant women and couples.

In recent years, mortality has been declining and the mortality rate is lower than the nationwide mortality rate of Rosario.

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