Thursday , August 5 2021

These are drastic consequences of what was in space (video).

It can be difficult to adapt to life on the surface after living on the International Space Station (ISS) due to differences in the living conditions of the universe and the earth.

To illustrate one of the side effects astronauts face when returning to Earth, Drew Feustel posted a video about his recovery after 197 days at the ISS.

It is difficult to walk straight and retrain with your eyes closed. Astronauts are in space, but are known to train about two hours a day to maintain strength and bone density.

But even these exercises do not guarantee that you can walk normally when you return to Earth. For this reason, the astronauts go through a series of rigorous physical and medical tests.

Thanks to the information obtained, scientists can study the effects of long-term stays in space on human organisms.

It is a very important knowledge in the face of future space missions like Mars Travel.

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