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They are all smiling women. She lives in Calvary, saying "vistima" in the interview.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 12:11

Elizabeth Ogaz accuses her of making a mistake in a word and being bullied and unable to leave her home.

Elizabeth Ogas The reputation was reached in the most thoughtful way.. The woman was originally from La Calera in Chile and spoke about the divorce faced by Sergio Jadue, former president of Chilean National Football Federation (ANFP) and María Inés Facuse in Miami. I had an interview with a TV program.

The Chilean leader remains in Miami as a witness protected by corruption in FIFA and Conmebol. There he was criticized for his ex-wife domestic violence and accused her of abusing her daughter.

In this context, Ogaz, who has been working for many years as a domestic employee for a long time, said he was abused at the hands of Jadue and Facuse. For example, marriage had to pay for services drawn as "cunning" and "thieves".

Ogaz said when Facuse asked about her husband's attitude, "I think the show is over." This mistake allowed us to get unnecessary stardom on social networks. The user shows off this grammar error that he made with his voice as a remix at the mem.

In a conversation with El Observador, she calculated: "The first thing I want to say is that this is not a grace for me. I talked about the problems that Jadue and his wife had on Channel 13. I actually said I did not pay for the service for six years, and when I worked I told how depressed and harsh the woman was. There, "he said.

He also revealed a ridiculing that he had become a victim who reached a level where he could not leave his home. He said he would have to intervene in Karabinero to calm down the people who had harassed him without success. "Yesterday we were shopping at the supermarket and people laughed at us, yelling at us, yelling at us, even asking for pictures." My daughter defended me and stopped me I was in a bad mood today when I was bothering me, I could not keep walking, Carabinos had to leave me, and when I got off, a neighbor asked me what had happened to me, even a policeman. "If you're on Vista," he said,

Ogaz has repeatedly blamed the media for repelling his mistakes and laughing at him in the program.. "A few days ago I saw myself in the Moran's Enterprise program and everyone laughed at my expense, they were irresponsible in the channel and the media was bothering me, making money at my expense and not knowing what I was going through." .

However, the phrase "there is no harm not going well" appeared in this story, and she was asked to have four dental clinics that provided her and her entire family completely free treatment.. In addition, they provided free mental health services to overcome bad drinks.

But without a doubt, the greatest change is that many people can approach her house without any intention and help financially, collecting about 400,000 pesos.

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