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They find a murdered man and arrest his wife's lover for a crime. – 02/12/2018

Matthias Arrismendi (26) was found shot dead in his house in Campana and arrested his wife's lover for a crime. He fell because he attempted suicide, but he committed suicide. Serious mistake: He took a weapon. And he hid it on his cousin's property.

The main hypothesis of investigators after the arrest of Oscar Parma (25) was that the problem between the two women was related to the two women Disputes related to drug commercialization.

Everything was open at noon on Saturday. He was an officer of the first police station. Campana called 911 and arrived at San Juan's house between Pedro Omar and Vigna in Campana, warning about the dead.

When the police arrived at the house, they found Arismendi He was shot in the head and died..

Everything seemed to suggest the possibility of suicide, but the key elements were missing from the crime scene. I had a knife, a 16-inch cartridge, and a few pills in my body They could not find guns, shotguns..

When the researcher interviewed Ariston's wife, The hypothesis of suicide. But when they talked with the last person who was with the victim, something did not close them. Pharma agreed with the woman.

However, the police did various operations and as a result he caught the .16 caliber shotgun without marking or numbering. Perhaps it was used in the crime of Arismendi. I was hiding in Parma 's cousin' s house.The spokesman added.

Before the evidence was collected, Arismi's wife changed her version of what had happened and told the investigators that she had left the crime scene after Parma kept watching. debate My husband and.

The source said that she He had a loving relationship with Parma. And detainees and husbands blamed each other for selling drugs. She also explained that when Arismendi died, both retained the struggle that resulted in the shotgun that killed her husband.

As a result of this new testimony, a prosecutor in the case of Matis Ferreiros, an example of UFI 2 in the shoot-justice department, ordered the arrest of Perm. Murder is intensified by the use of weapons..

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