Thursday , August 5 2021

They found a suspect hanging because of the disappearance of a girl in Cordoba.

Three months after the death of Delia Poljio (14), the main suspect in the case died.A man whose wife blamed a few days ago.

Eduardo Mauro Martinez (27) finished the investigation with his former ruling, He was hanged. last time.

At the boys' house, clothes and accessories belonging to the missing girl were found. It will take place in Traslasierra on 18 September.

A subsequent unsuccessful scan operation has been performed. Investigators are afraid that a hanging man has attacked her before she dies. However, in the deep places, it starts raking with professional equipment.

According to the publication Sound of interiorDespite the life-unsuccessful appearance of the main suspect, Delia's mother and other small daughters are in detention. They are still unable to objectively unite the blame of a woman, the disappearance of a girl, and the death of a husband.

The incident was shocked at that level in Cordoba. The local government provides compensation of 200,000 pesos to the person who provided the data or the correct information to find the minor. The project was undertaken by Raúl Castro, an inspector of the city of Villa Dolores. She was taken to the house at 16:20 pm with a camera of a private company and then saw two neighbors who were going to the village a few meters away from home. He sees it, "a judicial official said.

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