Thursday , August 5 2021

"They killed him and killed him!": A woman filmed a shooting at his house.

The crime that happened last Saturday caused a big repercussions over the past few hours as images on social networks became known. A young man was killed in a confrontation in Santa Fe city villa Gobernador Gálvez. A woman from her house had recorded some of the sequence with her cellphone.

Alberto Candia (27) He fired several fires at the abdomen with a gunfight at the intersection of Marble and Marino Bruno with several strangers.

"They killed him and killed him!"I regret the woman who recorded the murder.

After the shooting, the victim was transferred to the Anselmo Gamen Hospital by an employee of the Radical Command, where he arrived.

Candia He put ammunition in his clothes and had an electronic ankle. So Marissol Pavlo asked the prison to report.

Experts from the investigating police crime chamber worked at the crime scene.

The investigator has identified a possible author of a murder case that he strongly wanted.

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