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They opened summaries against teachers who held an evening at a sealed school in Moreno

School 73 was used by teachers to celebrate Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fabián Marelli

The Buenosair government opened a review
against teachers who attended a party in a school

Brown color
which was closed after the explosion in another district building resulting in the death of a deputy director and a teacher employee.

The celebration took place in the midst of the conflict that holds parallels in more than one hundred Morenos centers.

From a video that was broadcast on social networks – and this was later eliminated – it turned out that a group of teachers and trade union delegates held a Friday party in a schoolroom no. 73 of Moreno. In the video you can see couples dancing in one of the classes.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

of the Province of Buenos Aires proved to be one of the institutions that are closed. According to this, teachers participated and among them was a delegate from Suteba unions, which had promoted school closures in a preventive manner.

School Nr. 73 is closed for several weeks, as most in that circle. Since
School Nr. 49 died deputy mayor and one of those responsible for a gas explosion, nearly 200 schools in the district were shut down.

Suteba, the society led by

Roberto Baradel
, denounced errors in more than one hundred Moreno schools and has conducted a series of protests to seek security conditions to dictate classes. From Suteba they said
the nation that they were not the ones who organized the celebration and did not know who participated.

"They were caused by an absolutely condemnable behavior in the face of the situation that is being experienced in the Moreno schools since the death of Sandra and Rubén," Baradani replied.
the nation, referring to the victims of the explosion.

One of his delegates told him
the nation who discovered through social networks. "This is one thing that gives a lot of anger, pulls back everything we did, because if schools are not open to children, they should not be open about it … We do not know who it is this person they say he has participated "the delegate.

Out of almost 200 educational buildings in Moreno, today there are only 75 schools in operation. There are 100 schools that are preventively closed and in the qualification process, of which 50, say sources from the government of the province of Buenos Aires, are about to open.

Regarding School Nr. 49, where the explosion that led to the death of Ruben Orlando Rodríguez and Sandra Calamano showed that all repairs had been completed and the building was being distributed this week.

The General Directorate of Culture and Education began the summaries for the teachers who celebrated. The General Director of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Sánchez Zinny, said in Radio Miter: "We have begun the summary process for some of the people who are in the video and the inspector, and some more than the research on the" was known, progress is being made with the summaries of these people. "

The education institute was closed after the explosion caused by a gas leak at school no. 49
The education institute was closed after the explosion caused by a gas leak at school no. 49 Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fabián Marelli

Regarding the school inspector where the celebrations took place, for which the summary process began, Sánchez Zinny said that "it was not there, but we think it is the one who should supervise these things, so we summarize it. . "He added that teachers" have no use power to be within the facilities ". In addition, Sánchez Zinny stressed that "they had deprived children of the right to study, however, they do this party".

Events in Moreno show the needs and tensions of Mayor Walter Festa district. After the explosion at School Nr. 49 there were acts of violence against teachers and educational institutions.

Among the most serious episodes is the attack on teacher Corina De Bonis, who was abducted and crushed the day when a pot became popular for students from one of the schools with disabilities.

Regarding this episode, it was well-known in recent days that Justice of Buenos Aires investigates different versions of the one provided by the teacher who was attacked. According to Buenos Aires lawyer, Julio Conte Grand, "there is inconsistency in his statement."

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