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This is how BocaMicro arrived … – 03/12/2018

After the failure of the police in Copa Libertadores' second historic final, Boca arrives at Independiente Stadium. It was a matter of observation. And the Guillermo campus has visited other areas. After becoming a victim of brutal invasion in Núñez. But unlike what happened when you arrived at Monumental, This time, Xeneize landed without any problems..

Also what did you play?

It is guarded by the police in Buenos Aires and Aprevide. (Some on motorcycles, others on cars and trucks), micro Transferred Through the streets up to Abeyaneda Without any incidentArriving in the field, on the transfer or in the field (near the fence near the fence and waiting for more security).

"I wanted to play in Argentina"

This was the arrival of Boca at the Court of Independente

Source: Police image.

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The Sport Violence Prevention Agency (EPA) recorded a trip on the Boca bus. From one of the motorcycles involved in the work until you arrive at the red field

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after that, With Cardona's goal, the Mellizo team won Independiente.. And yes: he had to focus on the game.

Boca's first goal Cardona's goal!

E. Cardona's goal (I). Independiente 0 – Boca 1. Date 14. Super League 2018/2019. Video: TNT Sports

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