Friday , June 25 2021

This will be worth the smartwatch market in 2019

(ANSA) – World Market "Smart WatchAccording to Gartner analysts, consumers around the world are expected to spend $ 201.962 billion to purchase this type of device. (A device used as an "Apple Watch" will soon be able to create an electrocardiogram.) The annual growth rate is expected to be 40%, compared with 74 million in 2018, compared with 53 million.

The figures include digital saturation and more pricing in the smartphone sector and should remain low for several years. "SmartWatch's average global selling price will slowly go down from $ 221.99 in 2018 to $ 210 in 2022 because low-cost, high-volume competitors lower production costs and lower costs." Gartner's Alan Alan Antin, chief executive, is trying to keep prices stable with strong brands like Apple and other traditional watches,

Overall, the use of appliances, including bracelets, visors, headphones and high-tech apparel, will bring life to the $ 42 million market in 2018, with 225 million deliveries and 179 million

Within these devices, SmartWatch will be the most sought-after category. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out this week, not only in technology companies, but also in classic watchmaking brands such as Tag Heuer, Swatch and Fossil are also having problems. This historic brand is working with Apple and its competitors, including Google and Intel, to develop a self-contained or hybrid version of the watch with more modern features.

According to the Gartner test, SmartWatch will sell smart bracelets (41.9 million), augmented reality or virtual reality (34.8 million), followed by smart airbags sold 46.1 million in 2019 and high-tech products for ears like Samsung's IconX headset viewers. However, according to analysts, a total of 4.325 billion units are expected to be used in 2022.

Smartwatch has 115.2 million units, followed by smart headphones (158.4 million units). The bronze medal is for spectators (80.2 million) who surpass bracelets (51.7 million).

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