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Toyota, Bridgestone, spacecraft development

Toyota, Bridgestone, spacecraft development

Bridgestone Corporation will participate in international space exploration missions with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota). The goal of this mission, announced by JAXA and Toyota, is to expand the scope of human activity and develop intellectual property rights for space exploration. Bridgestone's involvement in this mission includes investigating the performance requirements of tires in manned and pressure lunar landers to ensure that the vehicle has better contact with the lunar surface.

Bridgestone partnered with two agencies to investigate the contact patch between Robert and Moon's surface and to explore the next step in human exploration based on a joint research partnership with JAXA, which is the technology partner of the Toyota Rover project.

The expertise and knowledge of Bridgestone's tire contact patches supports the rover's weight, acceleration and braking, minimizes impact absorption and improves maneuverability, enabling the rover to cruise, It will help you to investigate the problem. More than 10,000 km on the moon surface required to perform the mission.

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