Wednesday , April 14 2021

Up to 8.34% increase in biofuel and pressure on gasoline prices

Is there a new increase?

The government today adjusted the formula to 6.05% in biodiesel and 8.34% in bioethanol to cut gasoline and gasoline

The Energy Secretariat officially formulated up to 8.34 percent on Thursday for naphtha and gasoline-depleted biofuels using personal and public transportation in the country.

Biodiesel, a diesel fuel cut, increased 6.05%. Bio ethanol based on sugar cane was 3.40%; And 8.34% for corn-based bioethanol.

The decision was formalized this Thursday by resolutions 105 and 106 published in the Gazette with Javier Iguacel, Secretary General of Energy.

This decision can put pressure on the price paid by the pump when the petroleum company fills the tank, because some of the raw materials that cut gasoline and diesel are more expensive.

The official fixed the purchase price of biodiesel for a mandatory mix of diesel with $ 28,112 per tonne in accordance with Law No. 26,093, retroactive to November 1, 2018.

The last increase was formulated on September 10, when the energy portfolio set the purchase price of biodiesel at 26,509 pesos per ton. It is now up $ 1.60 (6.05%).

Eventually, according to Resolution 106, the energy was set at $ 21,274 per liter. This is a purchase price of bioethanol made of naphtha and the essential mixture of sugar cane, which means an increase of 3.4%.

The government determines the adjustment by monitoring the production cost in proportion to the domestic price.

"Updating raw material costs based on changes in the internal wholesale price index (IPIM) announced by INDEC reflects significantly higher values ​​than the internal price recorded for sugar. "

Likewise, the purchase price of bioethanol made from corn, the essential mixture with naphtha, at $ 19.446 per liter meant an 8.34% increase.

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