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Vanina Correa, Argentina goalkeeper, MVP (England) goalkeeper excellent penalty

Ruth Bravo was swept into the area, and in the second half of the game against England and Argentina on the second day of Group D, Alex Greenwood of England was eliminated. The judge did not hesitate to punish Bernina Correa.

At the stadium Osecan Le Havre In the French city he led China's Qin Liang.

The skilled archer of Rosario Central waited until the last minute and avoided the collapse of her fence with her left hand. At the auction Nikita Palis, Hit the post when he touched the ball and ended up as a goalkeeper before Jodie Taylor's attempt failed.

Later, Archer Albis Celeste He chose one-on-one from Beth Mead at a crucial moment. 40 minutes in the early stages. Already in the supplement, Parris attempted a southpaw after bouncing against a stopped ball and the goalkeeper Argentina was cleared again. Soon after, he caught Taylor's header. English 1-0 win.

Correa (age 35) played in the opening game against Japan and played the 2007 World Cup in China. She personally has history. She retired from football, but Carlos Borrello was convinced that she would return to her two years ago.

In the same area, Japan beat Scotland 2-1 in the first round. Argentina lost 1-0 to Argentina, which placed third, and the classification will be decided on Wednesday.

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