Thursday , August 5 2021

Vico D & # 39; Alessandro did not stop, but finally broke the silence of the romance rumor with Pampita.

After its separation Monaco Peak, New romance rumors Caroline Pampiardo They began to appear.

Tennis players and drivers have a new opportunity for love, but the story was time before time.

Pampita was very much associated with Polito Pieres, but as rumored as possible Vico D & # 39; Romance with Alessandro.

Pampita was convinced through social networks that it was an invention and no story, but the actor has not come out yet to explain his version.

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In an interview Catalin d'Or In his radio show Agarrate Catalina, The actor finally mentioned the rumor.

"I went to Carolina because I knew him from Pico. They saw me close and confused.. But I do not know. Much attention I have not lent, my career is on the other hand.. I prefer news about my work. The other person I admire never bothered or interested me. "Said the actor in a conversation with the radio program of La Once Diez.

After being separated from this "romance", Vico D ' Alessandro He was no longer alone and confirmed that a new love knocked on the door.

"I am meeting someone. I'm okay.. I do not want to say anything because I do not want to see how things work. "

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