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What are the lymph node disorders that Florencia Kirchner suffered?

Lymphatic obstruction is the clogging of the lymphatic vessels that draws fluid from the tissues of the body and allows the cells of the immune system to move to where it is needed. Lymphatic obstruction can cause lymphatic edema, which means inflammation caused by lymphatic obstruction. The main symptom is persistent (chronic) swelling of the arm or leg.

On the other hand, the most common cause of lymphatic obstruction is the removal of lymph nodes or inflammation. It can also be caused by parasitic infections such as phleasis, injuries, radiation therapy, cellulite salts (more commonly used in obese patients), surgery or skin infections such as tumors.

One of the most common causes of lymphatic edema in Western societies is breast cancer (mastectomy) and breast cancer to remove the underlying lymphatic tissue. Because the lymphatic edema of the arm passes through the armpit, lymphatic edema occurs in 10-15% of the patients.

Treatment of lymphadenopathy includes compression (usually bandage wrapping), manual lymph drainage (MLD), range of motion or range of resistance. On the other hand, manual lymphatic drainage is a treatment of mild massage, in which the skin moves in a certain direction depending on the structure of the lymphatic system. This helps the lymphatic fluid escape through the appropriate channels.

Skin care is also important to prevent injury, infection and skin rupture, and can prescribe exercise or a light exercise program. It may be helpful to use compressed clothing at the affected area or to use a compressed air pump. In some cases, surgery is used, but its effect is limited. The surgeon must have extensive experience with this type of procedure.

Among the types of surgery that can be performed are liposuction, removal of abnormal lymphatic tissue, and implantation into the area of ​​abnormal lymphatic drainage (less common) of normal lymphatic tissue. On the other hand, few surgeries induce abnormal lymphatic tissue through intravenous grafting. This procedure should be performed by a more effective and experienced physician for people with early-stage lymphatic edema.

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