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Why Daenerys Targaryen Crazy

The Game of Thrones series has undergone unexpected changes and many people have been displeased as a result of the many female characters Daenerys Targaryen.

Last season of a successful series Throne HBO game Although many people are happy and others are happy, in the eighth grade they have raised a lot of controversy among the fans since the first chapter because they disagree with one of the public's favorite characters. , Deneris Targarien. And it is meaningful to consider that today we are in a society that is changing the paradigm in relation to the still existing masculinity.

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So to those who see the series, Deneris Targarien Is one of the strongest female references. The throne of the game, He took his determination, his independence, and the position of power achieved before the seven kingdoms. Deneris Targarien I grew up with him. John Snow, Loved to the other masses of the hero.

Deneris Targarien
Deneris Targarien

After her brother sold more products, she became a leader. And from that moment the dragon's mother's goal was to always free the oppressed from the hands of the authorities. She has always achieved on the back radio thanks to her determination and her terrifying personality. But the most inspirational part of the series was one of the most questionable characters in the last chapter.

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King's Landing, led by his dragon and Corsi Lannister, Deneris Targarien He was in a state of insanity and betrayed all the ideals he had so far advocated, and he became more ruthless than the sisters of Jaime and Tirion. Faced with these scenes and the social sensitivity we are experiencing The Game Of Thrones They saw a ferocious message in the results that caused controversy and anger in social networks. However, according to the logic of the plot, Deneris Targarien It is not part of sexism, but part of the debate.

Deneris Targarien

However, despite the question, Destiny of Daenerys Thanks to the clues that gave us the first season of this series, it was already some time. His madness is irrelevant to the gender and is related to family heritage. Brothers and grandparents, who are his father "crazy king," said the same thing.

So if we analyze Deneris Targarien We realize she was isolated. She was burdened by the loss of all her followers and kept a strong thirst for revenge bound in a restrained desire for power. In his recent madness, we can see that there is no sexism, but the author respects the power of women and the state of man.

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