Thursday , August 5 2021

Why will Mars will reach its highest ever in 2019?

Among the celebrities of our solar system, Mars is a starless superstar, the planet Tom Hanks. About four missions agencies, including paparazzi, targeted Mars, and six of them sniffed and sniffed at photos of taps exploring the deepest secrets of the cold, dusty planet. I expect enthusiastic interest to hit a record high next year.

Mars hysteria was not an enthusiastic event since October 30, 1938, when Orson Welles hosted a popular radio program that sounded like it was being invaded by creepy Mars people on Earth. "Good sky," the fake reporter panting, "something like a gray snake is coming out of the shadows … shining like wet leather, but its face, it … it … ladies and gentlemen, No. I can hardly keep it, it's terrible. "

Today, Mars seizures are being used by President Trump of NASA and by various wealthy entrepreneurs who pledged to accelerate Earth's Mars invasion over the next decade. To prove the point, Elon Musk used the Falcon Heavy Rocket (the most powerful booster in the world) to drive the Cherry Red Tesla roadster into the sun's orbit. The Falcón (Musc) claim is a pioneer of rockets to send human invaders to Mars in 2024.

For that part, NASA is eagerly following Trump's instructions to go back to the moon to "lay our banners and leave our footsteps" as well as "lay the groundwork for the ultimate goal." [manned] NASA placed a robotic probe in the moon and Mars Jezero crater in 2020, which was interesting for the ancient rock formations. A one-year-old lake bed in which life (or a key element of life) might have existed, including what scientists believe.

In addition to the United States and Europe, an unrivaled number of countries are enthusiastic. Russia, China, Japan, India and the United Arab Emirates announced plans to send a robot paparazzi to the superstar planet over the next two years. Russian President Vladimir Putin said, "The near missions will be in place soon." "We plan to start exploring Mars in 2019."

Easily the most futuristic plan belongs to the Mars One group, founded by the Dutch impresarios, which provides one-way access to the 2011 Red Planet. If everything goes according to plan, Hwaseong will start a reconnaissance mission in 2022, provide a life support module in 2029, and return to the first Mars colonist in 2031.

Surprisingly, 200,000 pioneers have expressed their will to permanently leave the planet and colonize Mars. One of them, Mars, put 100 tags of Mars 100 and posted a name and a simple video.

I visited the website to understand why someone spent the rest of their lives on the planet in a lean and lethal atmosphere without a risky six month trip. An average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit; Monstrous 60Mhz storms spread around the world.

What I found was the reason for the importance of exploring new areas, making important discoveries, challenging oneself, achieving personal dreams, and starting again. Of course, all of these are noble intentions.

But I found a reason for me to stop for a while. One candidate dreams of opening the first sushi bar on Mars. The other is excited about building a sports arena on Mars. Another farmer said he would like to go to Mars because the idea of ​​terraforming Mars is encouraging.

In other words, Mars 100 is virtually no different from almost every pioneer in history. They often leave the old world at great risk to find new places to do their jobs better. But I know how the script works. From the beginning, the pioneer inevitably defaults to doing what he did in his old generation as a predictable outcome. Everywhere we go, we become old again because we exist.

In 2019, a day of colonization of Mars will be closer. I am an optimist. So I really want to think so. However, unlike Mars 100, the achievements of humanity in the new beginning are not willing to bet on my life.

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