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Without too much Pintita – 12/26/2018

Fernando Gagos can not be the fate of destiny, fate, age 32, and so much more to strike after a lot of hits to reduce the career of a fellow player. no. The final image of a soccer player who knows how to shine in the biggest club on earth is not the cry of pain, the desolate cry. Though it should not, the truth is that there are many opportunities to be that. Say goodbye? In the meantime, after many hurts, other experts Ole They are convinced that they can not be 100% again.

This time, I could feel the right foot bullet that had to face a long and complicated recovery just to catch my ankle again. "I cut off the tendons!" He shouted at Mellie at the Center when he asked the court to stay with the two men to keep the team less. (Barrios has already been expelled.)

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In front of the fateful classics of Santiago Bernabéu, Boca 's captain has already left three other injuries complicated and serious. The first two rivers are in front of the river, on the Achilles tendon on the right foot. Finally, the color of choice, the rupture of anterior cruciate ligament and the inner lateral ligament of the right knee. Since 2015, Gago has had only 57 official games.

In addition to Gago's decision to seriously analyze the possibility of hanging a wig in the last two rounds of recovery, according to other doctors working with a professional physiotherapy team, it is almost impossible for an assaulted physicist to make him run in a high competition . . And according to the same sources, fewer on teams like Boca who are rich in numbers and nobody can afford to play. Experts working at the Primera Club say, "Boca is not in demand.

Kaga was injured.

River 2 – Boca 1. Final. Return to Copa Libertadores 2018. Video Fox Sports.

Even before he got injured in the finals, Gago's environment warned him that he was not that kind of game and he was afraid of it. "They can break," they said. OleWithout imagining that it was a reality.

"The normal resilience of the 2-foot tendon is unlikely to be the same as before, and you can not exercise regularly every day and can cause recurrent muscle injuries such as tears," he said. Another doctor wants to not disclose his name.

Can I get Gago back after three Achilles tendons and three ruptures in one knee over the past three years? Spain's Asier del Horno, who played for Valencia, Chelsea and his national team, was also injured three times in 2007, 2009 and 2011. At the age of 31 after his last operation, he retired for the last game of the season. Is this the way forward?

Currently neither Angelici nor his colleagues have news about Pintita on 14/12. Casa Amarilla needs to present 3/1, and you can probably see what happens when you start with recovery. I can no longer go and be a bar.

Going, leaving the nursing home after surgery.

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