Thursday , May 13 2021

World Cancer Day: Suggest not to use war metaphor to talk about disease.

That is why we have resumed the campaign proposed by 12 civil society organizations. Replace the term cancer with something else.While offering a comprehensive and comprehensive approach, this provides a positive view on the disease.

"The vast majority of people with cancer who are involved in our activities say that the loading of violent words does not help them in their recovery and that it does not help them recover." They say that by calling things in their name and putting them in victory or lost places Words. Changing and speaking the vocabulary without using euphemisms avoids the fear of control that helps early detection of cancer."Said María Alejandra Iglesias, president of Asociación Civil Sosten.

People and the environment live with the diagnosis of cancer It is not a 'battle'.The available medication is not a & # 39; treatment armory & # 39; and the cure is not a & # 39; weapon. Also,, An aggressive period seems to have presented and defeated the winnerIt is far from reality. On the other hand, the road to what is achieved by cancer is a journey, and many things can grow and live in the meantime.

If we talk about cancer with all the letters and suggest an organization, For example, & # 39; Cancer & # 39; will change in a community like the myth that & # 39; Death & # 39; synonyms.. Today we know that there are many things that need to be done at every step of the person's journey. You can strive for prevention, timely diagnosis, the most convenient therapeutic indication, and palliative care. There will always be something to do to live longer.

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In Argentina, 14 people are diagnosed with cancer per hour.

"When a newly diagnosed patient arrives at our organization, we take care of the words we use. The positive aspects of being treated and the likelihood of being treated"Argentina's Asivilacion Citizen Linfomas Argentine President Haydee González said.

ACIAPO Foundation, Civic Assistance Association, Breast Cancer Awareness Movement (MACMA), FUCA Foundation, TIEMPO DE VIVIR Foundation, ACLA-Lymphoma Argentina, Lung Cancer Foundation, ALMA Association, ACILCO Asociación Civil, GIST Argentina, Fundación Bomberos de Argentina and Argentina Clinical Oncology Association .

"We should encourage you to talk about cancer using the correct, unbiased, unbiased, words. Placing the table on the subject can help us improve prevention and detection in time."Said Dr. Matías Chacon, an oncologist and scholar of the Argin Association of Clinical Oncology in Argentina, and a member of the Fundación FUCA.

Today it is Four of 10 cancers can be prevented. Improving lifestyle (smoking, diverse and balanced diet, alcohol restriction, frequent physical activity and adequate protection when exposed to the sun).

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