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World of Warcraft Classic gamers confuse games with bugs.

Screenshot: Blizzard (WoW)

World of Warcraft It's an old game that has made a lot of changes since it was first released in 2004. Because many players have forgotten how they worked at the time, players using the new classic version of the game will report the previous function as an error.

World of Warcraft Classic Because it is currently in beta, some players may experience an older version before the MMO is released. Wow Classic It is based on the road. Wow He performed this task from the 1.12 update on August 2006. The situation at that time was very different. Tauren's heatbox is much bigger, and if you sit down, certain combat effects are not triggered, and completed quests are marked as dots instead of question marks. They were strange days.

Beta testers are confused by these differences and classic features, and beta testers send bug reports based on features that work as intended. For example, in this version of the game, the rate of creature creation is much slower and slower. That is not an error. It is just old. World of Warcraft.

Blizzard has released a "non-bug list" in response to these fake bug reports. This list includes about 12 different content that is not damaged or incorrect, but Blizzard works exactly as you want. There is a real bug list of actual problems, but it is very different from the list below.

Blizzard thinks that there is not much memories of how some athletes work. Wow He wrote this list World of Warcraft It was a very different game in those days.

One player commented on the list as follows: "Yes, people do not realize the immense evolution of game systems that WoW has undergone since its release. I've never been the most avid fan of BoA, but I've tried it since I closed the beta, but I do not think it will return classic. The game experience was painful. It was enough to experience these old systems once."

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