Friday , November 27 2020

"You can not stop, think Bolsonaro" | Carrió vs …

The reconciliation of Elisa Carrió (after the end of the year with Cambiemos) occurred this week and the meeting with Mauricio Macri was almost over at 1/5 of Olivos. The local agent returned to cast a dart against the members of the alliance to integrate. This time, security secretary Patricia Bullrich was targeted. In a television interview, he negatively assessed the performance of the security portfolio leader. "The problem with Patricia is that we can not stop there, which is why Bolshonaro is believed, and in Argentina we will not go to Bolsena." Before that, he was "controlled" In a nutshell, it made it clear that "in some issues" it is good.

In December, the conflict between Casa Rosada and Carrió grew larger and larger. A relationship that characterizes the timing of conflict and calm. At the end of the year, the leader of the Civic Coalition demanded the resignation of Attorney General Germain Garavano, saying there is corruption in Cambiemos and that he also has "lost confidence" in Macri. A few days ago he reconfigured the connection with macrismo and visited Quinta de Olivos, which included the ministry Mario Quintana's exvicejefe.

But Chavez has only lasted a few days and now points back to Cabinet members, in this case Patricia Bullrich. Among other initiatives on the same line, the Secretary got the Taser electric gun. The juvenile crime system has lowered the juvenile's age to 15, and even if the immigrants were not convicted, deportation began.

In this context, Cambiemos' ideological scholar warned that she would reject the hard line and say, "We will not become Bolsonaro." "If someone goes into the hand, we move slowly before, this policy is preventive, one person takes the contraceptive pill if we do not want the child, and I used the birth control pill to prevent Bolsonaro from being born."

President Chávez accused Minister Mauricio Macri of being one of the candidates likely to join the formula for change this year, saying, "She is all-purpose but honest, he fights there is. "

"I like the flow of water at the demonstrations," he said of the use of weapons by security forces during a protest: "People take a bath, do no harm to anyone, they have to go, a true home."

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