Friday , June 25 2021

YPF has lowered gasoline prices, but diesel prices have risen.

With this drop in the NAFTA, the state oil company Axion and ShellIt was the first company to reverse recent gains with the evolution of the international price of oil barrels a few weeks ago.

According to the new pricing plan, YPF's super naphtha fell by 1 percent to 37.21 dollars in Buenos Aires from 37.59 dollars Sunday, while Infinia fell to 43.35 dollars from 44.01 dollars. -1.5%).

However, the Diesel 500 rose from $ 33.76 to $ 34.84, while the Infinia Diesel rose from $ 39.67 to $ 40.86.

Government-acquired The decline in gasoline prices has affected not only the decline in the Brent barrel used as a reference in Argentina, but also the stabilization of the exchange rate beyond the recent dollar rebound.

Oil companies have recalled that this month the weight of the two classic ITC taxes that can be adjusted for taxes and inflation on fuel applied to carbon dioxide emissions is greater.

Starting in December, both taxes add nearly 25% to the value of the pump.

According to official data, shipments of naphtha and diesel were compared to 2017, which declined 2.8% from October last year.

However, the use of premium naphtha has fallen sharply to 28.8% due to the continuous increase in pump prices, which is why this fuel price cut is higher.

I sold it from 253,000 cubic meters to 180,000 a year.

For grade 3, a high-quality diesel engine, sales declined 6.6% over the past 12 months.

Shell and Axion increased 5% in November, but YPF, which occupies 56% of the market, decreased by half in a week because it adjusted only 2.5%.

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