Wednesday , June 7 2023

Apple 's new iPad Pro folds to a minimum pressure and causes another bend gates.


The gadget fan should be ready to take out the entire 11 "iPad Pro from JerryRigEverything's latest video and destroy it, and the video shows the destruction of Apple Pencil. Breaking Apple Pencil is just a little more than the power needed to break a plain wooden pencil It might be difficult to survive if you put Apple Pencil in your pocket.

ipad pro 2

To make matters worse, the battery inside the Apple Pencil is not one of the rugged and flexible lithium ion types, and the pencil battery that is charged wirelessly contains the acid and the acid springs from one point in the video. The eruption needed a lot of bending back and forth using the pliers before the battery ruptured to the extent that it was impossible in the real world. However, because Apple Pencil is easily fragile, it can be accidentally touched if you put it in your pocket, drop it, or drop it.

The iPad Pro test begins with a screen scratch test, which starts with the level 6 hardness standard, which is the standard for scratching glass depending on the video. Hardness level with scratches on sapphire camera lens It is not. Maximum wave; It was scratched at much lower hardness levels than similar materials from other manufacturers. In this test, the sapphire glass lens cover was scratched in six steps. Sapphire glass is generally compared to other manufacturers' devices that use a sapphire glass lens cover because of scratches at level 8 and Apple's glass sub-par selection. Fundamentally, a sapphire glass lens cover is not better than covering the lens with the glass used on the front of the iPad.

Scratches are intended to protect the screen cover and case by most people who invest a lot of money in the gadget, so many people are willing to overlook the possibility of scratching the device. The big catch is the iPad Pro "Bend Gate"scandal. Bend Gate When the scandal found that the iPhone 6 Plus was bent and twisted in its pocket in 2014, Apple claimed that only nine devices were bent at the time.

The new iPad Pro is so easily bent that you need to worry about carrying it in your backpack. The tablet may bend if you sit in a suitcase and then stand on a chair. If you sit down or lean on iPad Pro on a couch or bed, it will definitely bend. This is not the most rugged tablet, but it needs case and careful attention.

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