Tuesday , May 30 2023

Ariana Grande cries and meets at the Ellen Show.


ARIANA Grande presented her first single of the new single "Thank U, Next" through the cult classic First Wives Club of the '90s.

Singer has been in a relationship with a celebrity for the past few years, most recently very open and in a very short time SNL The comedian Peter Davidson publicly mentions the love affair of the song, mentioning some famous songs.

It was enough to pour the 1996 movie about the women who recovered from the dissolution of the song's first broadcast performance. Ellen Show.

Earlier this week, Grande announced that she was watching a movie on Instagram Stories, including Lesian Gore's national anthem, Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, You do not own me..

With two backup singers, Grande perfectly reproduced the look, but when her chair was severed, she almost had a pear shape when she experienced rough tumble in her curved boots.

The near-stack definitely rattled Grande. Grande screamed at the mid-line "Oh my god!" (1:17 min in the video below).

Grande seemed to have tears from elsewhere while she might be her most personal song to date.

Released in three months after her last album, Thanks, next It was Grande's breakout hit and she is likely to record her first single chart on the US chart next week. There is a first verse everyone talks about, such as Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson, Malcolm & # 39;

"I thought I'd end up with Sean.

But he was not a match.

I wrote some songs for Ricky.

Now I hear and laugh.

I'm almost married.

And thanks to Pete.

Thank you Malcolm.

Because he was an angel. "

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