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As the unemployment rate drops to 4.9%, $ A rises.

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This move by the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, will add strength to the afternoon before the stock market dwindles, Kyle Rodda said.

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) has proved to be the most important game for merchants. The FOMC met this morning and lo-and-behold: the dovish Fed made more money than previously thought. The patient Fed has proven to be patient longer than previously thought. The interest rate is still pending, but everyone knew it would be today. It was about dot-plots, neutral economic outlooks, economic forecasts and balance sheet run-offs.

The Fed has lowered its view on the outlook for all of its constituencies. The S & P500 index proved to be the main sensitivity of the FOMC policy, and prices fell as the Fed cut interest rates as the US Treasury bond rate declined. The future.

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