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Brisbane weather: Southern Qld several storm fronts

There have been various storm warnings from Darling Downs to Scenic Rim and Burnett.

David Crock, a spokesman for the Meteorological Department, warned of potential life-threatening rainfall in the Moreton Bay area.

The storm caused confusion at the Sydney airport

"An 85-millimeter rain was recorded for an hour northwest of Samford near Dayboro," Crock said.

"This rainfall regards our standards as extremely dangerous."

Asked if there is a possibility of rain-threatening rainfall, Crock said, "Yes, an extreme flood will occur."

Meanwhile, director Meteorologist Annabelle Ford warned of potential "giant" hail around Laidley, Ipswich and Beaudesert. "Big" hail is expected to fall into other areas of the country.

media_cameraA man is walking the dog on the cliffs of Kangaroo Point today while the storm is gathering in Brisbane city center. Photo: Darren England / AAP

Energex said there are 1400 property properties in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area.

Current warning ranges range from the southeastern coast to the Central Highlands and Coal Zone, the Midwest West, Wide Bay and Burnett, Maranhos, Legos and Darling Downs and granite belt areas.

Affected communities include Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Warwick, Dalby, Rome, King Aroi, Coolangatta, and Ipswich.

A spokesman for Ford said, "Giant hail measures take place over 5 cm.

"Giant hail is very dangerous and will cause serious destruction."

Some of the country's most difficult areas can see rainfall of 40-70mm, and pockets outside storm basins can expect 10-30mm.

Particularly because storms continue to spread over the weekend, there is the potential for localized flooding due to floods in low-lying areas.

"Severe thunderstorms, heavy rains and destructive winds are expected to hit the area in the evening tomorrow afternoon," a Ford spokesman said.

"Floods can occur in areas with heavy, repetitive rainfall over the weekend."

Several heavy thunderstorms bring hail, lightning, wind, and heavy rain in most of the southeast of Queensland. Video: RACQ

Lightning across Brisbane during heavy thunderstorms

At this stage, the heart of Brisbane is hardly hit by the storm, and some parts of Ipswich are still expected to face riots.

"There will be a big hail for Ipswitch in the next few hours," Crook said.

"Brisbane's hail is less likely at this stage as storms spread to the western part of the region."

Sandbags can be purchased at regional council collection points throughout the state.

media_cameraFour storm cells in southern Queensland
media_cameraThe storm traverses southeast Queensland.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises people to:

* Move your car away from under the car or from the tree.

* Secure loose outdoor items.

* Never drive, walk or ride by flood. If you flood it, forget it.

* Find shelter. If possible, evacuate under the trees indoors.

* Avoid using the phone during thunderstorms.

* Be careful of fallen trees and power lines.

* If you need help in an emergency, call SES at 132 500.

The following warning will be issued until 6:10 pm

A huge hail hurt all over New South Wales. Floods caused by floods and hail of golf ball size caused cars and homes to shrink.

NSW was assaulted by floods and giant hail in a storm

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