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Call to confirm that Adani has released contaminated water | business


Activists have urged the Queensland government to investigate after mining company Adani has confirmed that last week's contaminated water discharged into the Caley Valley wetlands during the Queensland floods was almost twice as approved.

The company announced on Tuesday that its investigation at Abbot Point concluded that floods did not enter the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park area.

However, contaminated water entered the wetland at an approved discharge point.

The company has analyzed that floods discharged into wetlands have a volume of 58 mg / L of suspended and debris material such as soil, plants, dust and other contaminants.

Adani is authorized to release water containing up to 30 mg / L of contaminants.

"This is a slight rise in suspended solids due to unusual weather conditions that have caused flooding and damage to many homes, businesses and farms in North Queensland," said Dwayne Freeman, chief executive officer of Abbot Point Operations.

"Despite unprecedented weather conditions, we are confident that there will be no environmental impacts in wetlands."

He knew that the company would not normally release the test results, but he knew that he was very interested in operating the Abbot Point terminal and said, "We wanted to inform the community and show our commitment to transparent and complete operation." .

There will be a second violation of Adani's license requirements on this site and some activists urging the Queensland government to prosecute.

The Queensland government took legal action against Adani in violation of the revised permit for the release of contaminated water in Debbie, Debbie, last year, in 2017.

Peter McCallum, Coordinator of the Mackay Conservation Group, said the figures were nearly twice the figures allowed by Adani's permission.

"I think the government should prosecute the company for this second license violation once the evidence is collected," he said.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society said it was the second time in two years that Adani had exceeded the pollution limits of wetlands.

LISSA SCHINDLER, a coral reef activist at AMCS, said: "Adani has failed to comply with legal obligations for environmental protection.

"Adams had to secure a port to overcome Queensland's weather changes, instead of advertising the Queensland government to approve the coral reef destruction project," he said.

The Ministry of Environment and Science said Adani did not apply for temporary release permits to increase the amount of pollutants it could release.

A spokesman said the department had conducted its own tests at the site last week and is waiting for the results of the water quality analysis.

"DES will consider the results of the lab analysis with other information related to the public event before deciding whether or not the site has complied with the environmental authorities' conditions," the spokesman said.

Adani was contacted for comment.

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