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Close currency for crazy rally fans


Two rallyers Visitors to Australia stop by on the course and when the airplane approaches, they are confronted with music after being confirmed by the police.

Men were caught up in the second day of the World Rally Championship finals at Coffs Harbor, lying next to a road holding a smartphone in a forbidden zone.

The modern Thierry Neuville flew to 125km / h and narrowly avoided.

But bad fans could not escape the law. Police had to interview the invaders on Sunday.

Audience safety is the main focus of Rally Australia, with rigorous action at various points for 60,000 fans who penetrate into NSW's northern coastal forests and forests annually.

However, the measure could not prevent the two men from wrapping around the roadside rocks and facing similar situations last year.

The rally was forced on Friday after the tractor came on the stage without permission and transformed Neubil's teammate Andreas Mikkelsen into a ditch. His modern suffered racial damage.

Last year, Monte Carlo's most recent WRC circuit has killed a large number of audiences.

Sebastien Ogier of France claimed at the 6th consecutive World Rally Championship that the passionate last day of Rally Australia ended the hopes of two challengers early on.

He started wet day 3, which needed to keep his position ahead of Thierry Neuville. Meanwhile, night rally leader Ott Tanak kept the opportunity to jump when a disaster struck Ford driver.

Instead, it was the pair that did not finish at Coffs Harbor, Neuville, who cuts off the remaining trees in Step 3, and Tanak, who was on his way from the end to the second.

Ogier could not recover with a double retirement that could win another title regardless of how the season passed.

However, the 34-year-old blocked the crown from the fashion show and won his only forest stage victory and five bonus points on the 7km course.

Jari-Matti Latvala is on his way to winning the Rally Australia at Toyota Yaris.

Jari-Matti Latvala is on his way to winning the Rally Australia at Toyota Yaris. Trevor Vale

Toyota's Jari-Matti Latvala was crowned Rally Australia. Having defeated New Zealand's Hyundai driver Hayden Paddon for 32 seconds, he has secured the team's first major title since 1999.

Ouier and co-driver Julien Ingrassia will return to Citroen after two successful seasons with Ford and four successful seasons with Volkswagen. Neuville (Hyundai) and Tanak (Toyota) will stop their harassment closer than ever. .

He has won titles with three other manufacturers and hopes to be the second driver to finish his career where he started.

"But it's hard to leave, it's like leaving a girl you love." He slept on Sunday. "Why are we doing this, and have we got everything we want for these two years?"

"But it's an exciting adventure in the future and we've got the best way to say goodbye to each other."

The misfortunes of the drifting pair ended a short rally in the drama as the stray tractor, rogue audience and last-day downpour combined to push the driver to the limit of the thirteenth and final leg of the series.

Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia celebrate the sixth FIA WRC title at Rally Australia.

Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia celebrate the sixth FIA WRC title at Rally Australia. Trevor Vale

But as competitors fell around, the French became closer to the company and made nine consecutive crown of Sebastien Loeb.

When Neuville won the 27-point series at Rally Italia Sardegna in June, his performance was severely jeopardized.

But Ogier, at the end of the six subsequent rallies, finally broke down and put pressure on those pursuing Virgo.

Rally A three-point-off Neill Bill crash and tie in Australia lost 40 seconds on Friday and played a decisive role before Sunday's retirement.

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