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Cowboy coach Paul Green, Ben Barba review options for replacement


North Queensland manager Paul Green will seek out all options to find a substitute for full-back Ben Barba.

It was not a major event to hit North Queensland in recent weeks just once in a lifetime weather event. Barba's layoffs also dominated the headlines.

Green speaking frankly about Barba, speaking to the press on Tuesday.

"I was really disappointed, disappointed at the club and disappointed at Ben," Green said.

In addition to investigating the player market to find a new top spot, Green will consider upgrading existing team members.

"We are currently reviewing all options, so we have to make sure we have the right thing, no matter where we go," he said.

"It is not easy to play, but nowadays there are quite a lot of people in defense.

"Fullbacks play a big part in defensive play, not the ones who are waiting for baseball to kick the ball anymore.

"If we go together internally, especially with someone who has not done much pullback, it will be a case of giving him time – he can be anyone – he's not accustomed to the role and must be ready to wear it."

The cowboys have the right candidates for Benhampton, Tim Meyer Martin and Carlin Anderson.

To make matters worse, the terrible floods in Townsville made it difficult for regular education and prevented Green's plans from heading for Telstra Premierhip 2019.

"Because we have not been trained for two weeks, we have been unable to do what we have to do about team stuff and people who might or might not be able to go back there, Good reading for you, "he said.

"Timing was really challenging, but there were two players who played there before, and there were some guys with the skills to do a good job there."

Michael Morgan made it clear that he liked to play in half, even though he had previously been in fullback.

Green will not make hasty conclusions.

"What we decide to do should be the best for the team, my preference is not to exclude anything," he said.

With the slaughter of Barba, Green acknowledged that Cowboys' game plan needed to be adjusted.

Tee Maier Martin back to cowboy utility.
Tee Maier Martin back to cowboy utility.
© Scott Davis / NRL Photos

"We need to change a few things," he said.

"We are in a pretty important position so we have to worry about who's coming back."

Because Townsville is cleaned with a destructive flood, cowboys want to catch up with pre-season training.

"We lost almost two weeks in the pre-season. There was no session that did not rain for two weeks," Green said.

"In the second week we did not find a place where people could train us, and the perfect credit for the boys was really good considering all the work going on around the city."

During the recent floods, thousands of people flooded the house.

Cowboys are also displaced, but clubs are helping to recover.

"Some people still have not found permanent (accommodation), but now they are all aligned and trying to find a more permanent place," Green said.

The cowboy meets Titans at Sunshine Coast Stadium on February 23 and is tried in Mackay on March 2 at McKay.

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