Wednesday , June 7 2023

Eight children were injured in the Woking fireworks. | British News


Eight children have been seriously injured after a massive inflatable slide accident after a Saturday fireworks.

Eyewitnesses said that many children reported from the top of the peak to concrete and people a few meters away.

The fireworks were canceled in a park in Woking, Surrey, and evacuated from the scene of 12,000 people to get the aerial rescue helicopters out and handle the injured.

The Surrey police reported a serious incident at Woking Park's fireworks show after the incident, which was around 19:30.

The police reported that eight children were hospitalized with "potentially serious injuries". The south east coast ambulance said the kids were transported to London for major hospital trauma centers for treatment.

Initial reports show that an accident after a crash collapsed, causing injuries, but the Surrey police subsequently confirmed that the accident involves a large inflatable slide.

Andy Datson, 23, said he had played up to 40 children on the "slim" slider, which he considered to be the highest 10 meters tall.

"We were walking around the slope at midnight, and we said we were not safe. It was too weak to say the least," he said.

"He did not look like an adult on the top, and these kids were not over 10 years old." He did not look like a lot of people, I would say there were about 40 kids on it.

He said he saw a number of emergency vehicles arriving and "many worried people" and what appeared to be children on the ground.

"There seemed to be too many children and the side area was released," he said. "If heaven forbidden, it fell from the top, I would say that it is at least 25 and 30 feet high."

On Twitter, the Woking Rotary Club, organizers of the event said, "We are all very shocked at event events. We focus on emergency services for dealing with injured children."

The Twitter account, led by Woking Fireworks, tweeted on Saturday: "I'm sorry, but because of the serious incident in the fun zone, the police asked us to evacuate in the park.

"The fireworks will not be exhibited tonight. We will provide more information as soon as possible."

Health and Safety Director Spokesman said "initial investigations" were made while the Woking Municipal Council said, "We work with the police and the competent authorities to understand and explain what happened."

The Surrey police have spoken to everyone who has witnessed the event to contact them.

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