Wednesday , June 7 2023

Enzo Amore appeared in the & # 39; Survivor Series & # 39; in disguise and was sent off for security reasons.


The coolest guy in the room could not stay in the room in the "Survivor Series".

Enzo Amore is not part of the WWE right now and is unlikely to be there again. Still, it does not interfere with people trying to get into the spotlight. On Sunday night, WWE announces one of the biggest pay-TV shows every year. Survivor Series There were some guests who were not overly invited. Yes, Enzo Amore was in the crowd, but he did not stay too long when a security officer kicked him out.

Amore is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion who has been fired by the company after being charged with sexual assault. Shortly after his release, his former tag team partner, Big Cass, was fired by WWE and one of the more popular tag teams was no longer in the company.

On Sunday night, social media began the round where Enzo Amore was somewhere in the arena. Survivor Series Los Angeles. In the end, he not only moved into the crowd, but also became trapped in the first few rows of seats.

Cage side seats Some even said that Amore is in a very bad disguise trying not to admit herself. It obviously did not work because the security soon knew who it was and where he was, and obviously he was ejected from the stadium.

It started making scenes where he was almost being handled by security.

According to some reports on social media, Amore came across people as if she was too drunk. Former WWE Cruiserweight champion threw up his hands and started running through the crowd before coming out with safety.

Enzo Amore tried to use the same technology as his WWE counterpart. As you can see, this is not part of the WWE's angle or plot, it's all about Amore.

The former WWE superstar went to the hard camera of the pay-per-view camera and did not have any favors. Of course, that's what he wanted. In just a few minutes, I got attention again.

It is a shamelessness that WWE is not related to this issue because more reports come online.

Enzo Amore had a good run with Big Cass and his time at WWE was not so bad even after he became a champion once. Unfortunately, things did not find the best way for him and he lost his position with the company. It seems that he is burning all the legs that WWE can find while he tries to maintain relevance. Survivor Series It is probably the last straw, and that's why security is not so smooth when you ban him.

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