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Eurydice Dixon's indicted murderer, Jaymes Todd, pleads guilty.



November 8, 2018 17:00:16

Broadmeadows' Jaymes Todd pleaded guilty to raping and murdering prospective teenager Eurydice Dixon in northern Melbourne earlier this year.

Dixon's body was found on the soccer field at the Princes Hill Sports Stadium on June 13th.

Todd was arrested on the day after being imprisoned by the police.

He appeared on the video link at the Melbourne Court of Appeals this afternoon, attempting rape and sexual assault, and pleading guilty to Dickson 's rape and murder charges.

Dickson (22) walked home from the show when he was attacked by Todd early in the morning.

Todd began returning home from Flinders Street train station following Dixon.

According to the summary, Todd kept his distance behind Dixon as he walked, speeding up or lowering to match the speed of his walk.

Dixon departed Flinders Street Station shortly after 11 pm and headed north along Swanston Street via the CBD before crossing Elizabeth Street.

Throughout her walk, Todd summarized the summary of "after 15 to 20 seconds".

When Dickson arrived at Carlton's Prince Park, he walked a football stadium near the Royal Parade and crossed two pitches when attacked by Todd at the third pitch.

After Dixon's body was found, police released Todd's CCTV image. He urged Brother Meadows police to inform him that he saw his image in the news but was not involved in Dickson's death.

Police were arrested and charged with Todd later than Dixon's death.

Carolist Magazine Cameron ordered Todd to hold a directive hearing on November 13th at the Victorian Supreme Court.

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