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Fallout 76 players have failed in an unopened vault by mistake.


During the weekend, Fallout 76 The player found a defect that transported them into an inaccessible Vault 63, one of three fixed vaults scattered throughout the game world.

They did not find much inside, but anyway, before I contacted Bethesda Support, I took a picture and explained what happened. The game may be banned due to continued defects. The good news is that Bethesda will not do that.

Threads in Forum Fallout 76 Sunday sub-reddit user McStaken explained that they and some other players traveled quickly to participate in the Rad-Rat Horde event on their map.

Anyway, they wound in Vault 63 in the southwest corner of the game map. Like Vaults 94 and 96, Vault 63 can be viewed externally, but not normally.

McStaken and his crew were initially concerned that they might be banned due to defects, polygon, Bethesda said the player who entered Vault 63 would be okay. "They do not have to worry about the ban," the company representative said.

"They sound like they did not abuse the abuse, but it's a good thing we're thankful to let us know."

McStaken said once he knew where he took screenshots to share online. The image shows the inside of a fully-modeled safe with Vault-Tec equipment on the front and number 63 on every door. There are cave photos in the kitchen area and openings that look like abandoned mines.

Vault 63 All signs, including skeletons reporting underwear, seem to mean no survivors, but Vault 63 may change because it is not officially part of the game yet.

Several other athletes who commented on McStaken's article reported that this defect had previously occurred, although it is unclear whether the defect had previously occurred. Fallout 76 It was released in a broken state. After a few months of updates, there may still be strange glitches, which can make it difficult for the player to know when to intentionally stop the game or become a victim of the bug.

last month, Fallout 76 The player has figured out how to break into a "developer room" that contains copies of all items and non-player characters, all of which seem to exist for testing new additions and balance changes to the game.

Bethesda said he was using cheat software to get into the room and cracked down on players with a wave of account bans.

In one of McStaken's original threads comments, the Bethesda Community Manager was pleased that the player was able to get out of Vault 63 and emphasized that the location is still "under construction."

In November, when the game started, Bethesda announced that the "new Vaults opening" would be part of a future update to the game, but so far there is no news.

Now, Fallout 76 Due to the need for story-based content, there may be a guess by the player whenever three different vaults in the game are eventually unlocked. Instead, the company said it would get a new player-to-player mode in March.

On the bright side, hunting players have found that Rad-Rat Horde events can be avoided in Vault 63 when they appear mysteriously on the map.

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