Saturday , June 3 2023

Fortnite v6.30 includes Mounted Turret and a new Food Fight mode.


In the most recent time limit mode (LTM), Fortnite confronts the Durr-Burger and Pizza Pit, and a barrier is established to separate the two parties. Game mode is a battle to destroy another team's mascot. Set up a fortress to protect the restaurant mascot. A true cooking war.

In this mode, there are no explosive weapons or items, and the player resurfaces after 7 seconds to maintain inventory.

Epic has added a new event called Scavenger Pop-Up Cup with Food Fight Limited mode mode. "Scavenger will test some gameplay tweaks (reduce material limitations, speed up material harvesting, and get health for removal)," wrote Epic. Fortnite This update brings out the newly equipped turret weapon.

when Fortnite Food Fight must be close to the mascot of the enemy team to destroy his head for victory.

The platform on which the player puts the turrets is automatically impenetrable and can use unlimited ammunition. In addition, Pickaxes suffered 20 points instead of 10 points. Testing was over and Epic, PC Gamer's sister site, made the glider redistribution impossible. All the default modes as part of today's update (v6.30). Players may use only a few gliders per competition or they may have height requirements. Conversely, rearranging the glider prevented the player from flying and sticking. The player has the ability to keep moving his toes, but he felt unfair to some players.

Epic Games has announced this feature for the first time in October, and players say they can reposition the glider when they go down at least three stories high.

Fortnite It is a better game when you are most unique.

See the Epic Games announcement for a full list of patch note changes.

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