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Game Thrones Season 8 Episode Runtime confirmed by HBO | News | movie

The throne of the game Season 8 official image

Only 6 episodes left. The Game Of Thrones – If you come back next month for August and last season, you will play the shortest time in the series. However, there were so many stories to finish that in the production of Season 8, the report left only 90 minutes to most individual episodes. If you have six mini-movies, you can make the best of Westeros. Well, it turned out that it is not. will A few fair episodes The Game Of ThronesLast run.

HBO has confirmed the length of the episode of the 6th final session, and looks like this:

Episode 1 – 54 minutes
Episode 2 – 58 minutes
Episode 3 – 82 minutes
Episode 4 – 78 minutes
Episode 5 – 80 minutes
Episode 6 – 80 minutes

In other words, the first two episodes are normally displayed in one hour, and the last four chunks receive an elevated runtime. Of course the most important thing is right Length-character moments, we are all waiting for the epic battle, and the mass is sufficient to be large enough. Given the number of players remaining on the board and the mighty army of the dead wasted on everyone, we expect this extended episode to be tight and urgent. Click here for the latest trailer.

The final season begins on April 14 and the final episode begins on May 19. Then our watch will be over.

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