Saturday , August 17 2019
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Hubble Image Weekly


Weekly Hubble image added to Uranus's legacy

NASA / ESA One of the many scientific goals of the Hubble Space Telescope is to study planets in the solar system. And over the past few years, our system's alien planet has been observed several times as part of Hubble's Planetary Atmosphere Legacy (OPER) program.

This program has given us a new image of the planet Uranus, the seventh planet in the solar system, in a sequence of distance from the sun. The past observations of Kenny using Hubble have led to many interesting insights into the cold ice giant. In 2006, a telescope captured Ariel of the Moon and its shadow across Uranus, and in 2011 Hubble was able to spot a faint aurora in the atmosphere.

Through years of observations, astronomers have been able to study faint ring systems as their propensity for earth's orbit changes. This new image, taken with Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3, will add to the legacy of the images already taken and provide scientists with new insights into their far-flung neighbors.

Credits: NASA, ESA, A.A. Simon (NASA Goddard), and M.H. Wong and A.I. Hsu (University of California, Berkeley)

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