Wednesday , June 7 2023

Listening to the sunrise of the Martian


You can not listen to something like Sunday, visually, especially on Mars. Unless Domenico Vicinanza and Dr. Genevieve Williams make their own sound effects like they did on the 5000th morning of Chun Rover on a red planet. The end result is this two-minute music number, by definition, an alien.

Using a technique called "data sonification", the pair was able to translate photos into this calm, subtle piece.

While the data is being read directly, it is a clever part of the interpretation.

The researcher scanned the picture from left to right, in pixels, and viewed the brightness and color information, and combined it with the terrain elevation to create the music. They used algorithms to specify a specific pitch and melody for each element.

Quiet and slow harmonies are the result of a dark background, and the sonic processing of bright sun disks produces bright, high tones in the middle of the song.

Music is not just for our benefit. It was announced at the SC18 conference in Dallas last week, and the attendees did not listen to it, feeling That too :

[It was] We are enjoying the sunrise experience on Mars by presenting using conventional speaker and vibration transducer so that the audience can feel vibration by hand.

I think I can always get the speakers while I play. It is not the same.

[Anglia Ruskin University, via BGR]
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