Saturday , May 15 2021

MAFS Bride Martha Reveals Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Makeover

Married At First Sight Do not worry if Martha thought you were reminded of a particular American reality star.

On Tuesday night's episode, the make-up artist waved a list of cosmetic surgery and procedures to her "husband" Michael.

Explaining that he had begun to straighten his broken nose, Michael asked Marta what she had done.

"I look good and whatever it is, I have undergone plastic surgery," she said.

"I will not lie, I've eaten all my breasts, my nose, I've got Botox.

"I have fake fingernails, my hair is chemically straight, it's important to me – I look good, I feel good."

Surprised by Martha's admission, Michael said, "I will not think that I have finished you without seeing you."

"She gave her a little change in her face and her body, but she is still natural," he told producers. "It is most important that my partner is naturally beautiful."

Interviewing Current event Martha admitted last week that she was influenced by Kim Kardashian.

"Everyone is inspired, she's sexy," Martha said.

Martha is not Kim's only fan, and Michael told his new wife she could not protect her eyes.

"I feel a sexual chemical reaction between us, I see your bikini, to be honest, it's difficult to see, your body is wonderful," he told Marta.

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