Sunday , May 16 2021

McLaughlin Mustang set for shakedown.

Scott McLaughlin 's new Ford Mustang Supercar will hit the track for the first time at Ipswich on Thursday and have Red Bull Holden for the company.

Shell V-Power Racing and the Red Bull Holden Racing Team work with McLaughlin and Jamie Whincup to launch a new chassis on Queensland Raceway, respectively.

It is the first time Mustang and ZB Commodore have met at the racetrack. The two cars will run 60km according to the shake-down rules.

On February 14th, fitness training will take place prior to the official test date of Philip Island.

DJRTP's prototype car was used in Ford's launch.

The Shell team is in the final stages of McLaughlin's new car preparation and is in the process of converting Fabian Coulthard's 2018 Falcon into a Mustang.

Last year's early Mustang development and assimilation tests were redesigned on Tuesday with other Falcon used when Ford Australia was launched.

That car will be a Shell V-powered racing spare part for the season and will not only be used by Ford for ongoing promotional purposes.

McLaughlin 's new car debuts in white on Thursday and does not have a sponsor logo prior to launching a jet on Melbourne on Monday.

Triple triple

Red Bull announces 2019 conquest in January

Three Triple Eight vehicles will be operational on Thursday at the Queensland Raceway, and the Dunlop Super2 Series orbits Whincup's car.

Youngsters Kurt Kostecki and Brenton Grove will be running the second phase of Triple Eight this season and have driven the VF with Triple Eight for their family team.

Whincup not only shakes his new car, but also says the Super2 driver is looking forward to helping.

"The Super2 program is not a third car, but a big change for our team of two Super2 vehicles," he said.

"I will try to help them throughout the year, they are part of the family."

It was rainy.

Macao Jones

Macauley Jones, a Super2 graduate, does not have a test schedule prior to Phillip Island on CoolDrive Commodore at Brad Jones Racing.

Tuesday's scheduled rookie test at Winton rained and the schedule was changed on February 20th.

Jones started the main game this year instead of Tim Blanchard and is expected to be one of two newcomers Garry Jacobson can join Kelly Racing.

Tickford Racing joined the BJR on Monday for a Super2 test on Saturday with Randle, but also decided to pull the pin out due to the rainstorm.

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