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No one way traffic to Mars


Remember Mars One. The company we all know was fraudulent, but there was still hope for how much we loved the movie. Mars? Yes, I went bankrupt.

Mars One was a Dutch company aiming at "establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars". I will remember it from the many compliments that recruit ordinary people to become astronauts to travel one-way to Mars. But you will probably remember that it will never work.

Basel On January 15, 2019, the court declared bankruptcy of Hwaseong, according to the trade register of the Swiss King.

The company wanted to raise money to support its mission through contracts with media companies for donations, merchandise sales, and documentary and other content creation. According to SpaceNews, Lockheed Martin and Surrey Satellite Technology have begun to sign landers and satellites. But it seems that money is lacking.

Defects are evident in the company's funding strategy, astronaut selection process, and almost all other activities. I encourage journalist Elmo Keep to read an in-depth article on this issue. But basically, the selection process was not rigorous, and future astronauts were encouraged to fund the mission and could not fulfill Mars mission with a good storytelling.

Scientists thought that Mars One would not work either. According to a study by MIT, the mission has not been able to supply enough food and technology has not developed enough to keep humans alive in the floodplain. I will also suggest that the company's website has not yet hired any specialists. In fact, Keep's report suggested that the company had only a few employees.

We contacted Bas Lansdorp, CEO of Mars One, and investors in Mars One, and will update the news when we hear again.

Listen, we know we have started to have faith in the private industry in a way that can take humans to Mars. But it will take more than hype, donations and merchandise sales. Strict science and millions of dollars will be required.

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