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Russia – US crew arrives at space station

A Russian-American crew arriving at the International Space Station (ISS) arrived five months after an astronaut landed two of three astronauts on an emergency landing.

This time, the Russian Soyuz rocket, carrying NASA astronaut Nick Hague and Christina Koch with Roscosmos's Alexei Ovchinin, was released exactly as planned at the Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan.

Six hours later, their capsules were anchored in outposts turning orbits.

NASA executive Jim Bridenstine celebrated the successful launch of the crew.

The trio will join NASA's Anne McClain, Roscosmos's Ooscia Kononenko and David Saint-Jacques, already on the space station.

They will conduct hundreds of experiments on biology, biotechnology, physics, and earth science.

When one of the four Soyuz strap-on booster was not properly detached after two minutes of launch in October, the Hague and Oufinin were thrown out of the rocket.

Their rescue capsules lighted and alarmed and rushed to the earth and gravitated the crew seven times.

The failure in October was the first time in 35 years that Russia ceased launching the space program and was the third in history. Every time the rocket's automatic rescue system safeguarded the crew.

The Russian government was due to a missed launch of the failed sensor during the final assembly of the rocket last October. The next flight attendant to the space station in December continued without any problem.

Since the US shuttle fleet retires in 2011, Russia's Soyuz spacecraft was the only vehicle to direct its crew to the space station.

But NASA is relying on SpaceX and Boeing to launch astronauts later this year.

The spacecraft returned to the space station on a six – day test flight and was able to take the astronaut to the next flight this summer.

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