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Scott McLaughlin, Fabian Coulthard was impressed with supercar Ford Mustang.


On November 10, 2018, a Ford Mustang for driving the 2019 super car season was demonstrated at Phillip Island near Melbourne.


On November 10, 2018, a Ford Mustang for driving the 2019 super car season was demonstrated at Phillip Island near Melbourne.

Scott McLaughlin and Fabian Coulthard all flew to Superman Mustangs early next year.

On Saturday, at the high-speed Phillip Island Gold Prix circuit south of Melbourne, Ford continued its comprehensive testing program for the 2019 new supercar contender.

Ford Performance, DJR Mustang, a joint venture between Team Penske and Tickford Racing, navigated the 4.4km beach circuit in a second assimilation test, following instructions from Ford Performance and DJR Team Penske engineering staff.

Prototype vehicles were piloted by Supercars Championship leader McLaughlin and his Shell V-Power Racing teammate Coulthard.

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In testing, Sriram Pakkam said that it is important that computer-aided design (CAD) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) operate on high-speed, high-load circuits such as Philip Island. Continuous testing of the Mustang program.

"We have done our initial work at the Queensland Racecourse on Wednesday and it was beneficial to be able to continue the verification process under the high aerodynamic loads we saw today on Philip Island," Pakkam said.

"It's important to have the ability to spend a day in these types of conditions to better understand actual performance.

"Scott and Fabian's feedback is essential to how we approach this car's installation and was fantastic in the process."

McLaughlin, who currently owns Philip Island's current supercar lap record and who won two games earlier this year, said it was a career highlight to test a new car.

"Participating in this program is very special, but testing the new car on Philip Island will make it feel even better," McLaughlin said.

"This circuit is one of my favorites, and I always enjoy the challenge of driving here, and it was fantastic to be able to put a Mustang on the island on that walk."

Coulthard, who got behind the wheel during the afternoon session, said he expected the Mustang to be a great contender for the Ford brand.

"With Ford's support, working through this process was fantastic, and it's a good idea to put a sports Mustang on the grid next year."

"Part of the program is a privilege, and I can not wait for race in 2019."

Before the homologation test of the Supercars begins in December, the Mustang test will continue in coming weeks.

The final match of the 2018 super car season will be the Newcastle 500 on the weekend of November 23-25, and the Ford team will farewell to Falcon before introducing the Mustang in the 2019 season.

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