Friday , December 4 2020

SpaceX CTO to fabricate Elon Musk rockets

Mueller tried to find a new way.

"[W]He met Elon. The Rocket Engine was SpaceX's leading frontline technology. "Mueller told LMU Magazine, and Elon's business plan and the way he wanted to set up the company were really attractive, and he had the capital to do it. When Elon said (to me and other prospective employees) We will sign a contract with one of the three co-founders. "They started the company with three co-founders, Chris. Thompson, May 2002.

Go to start SpaceX was a big change for Mueller. "TRW is a small, big corporation," said Mueller to Popular Mechanics in 2009. "Here, I am a king."

At SpaceX, Mueller had the opportunity to focus on his dream rocket games as a child. For decades, Mueller served as Vice President of Propulsion Engineering. In May 2014, he served as CTO and created and manages a group of engineers who are driving SpaceX.

Certainly the work at SpaceX was probably accompanied by as much stress as excitement. Musk recalled that SpaceX almost failed in 2017 at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia.

"At the moment, a lot of people have actually heard about SpaceX relatively recently, but you might think that the Falcon 9 and the Dragon appeared immediately, and that is not always the case," Musk said, referring to the current SpaceX rocket. "We started with a few people who do not know how to make rockets."

SpaceX is almost out of money, Musk said. "I broke the first three launches, the first three failed, and fortunately the fourth launch was the last one for Falcon 1. The fourth launch was for SpaceX, I liked it, so the fourth launch was successful. "

SpaceX is currently working to make people live on Mars, the website said. Musk said he hoped to obtain a unmanned rocket with a red planet gearto by 2024. November Musk said it would take 7-10 years for the first group to migrate to Mars.

Building the propulsion technology to Mars is far from cutting down trees in Idaho. In light of his career, Mueller says his success is due to his combination of power and luck.

Mueller said, "Find what you are doing well, find what you love, hopefully do the same thing and build up your career." "I am very fortunate to have met the right vision because of my passion for rocket engineering I was invited to take this opportunity to become an astronaut."

Mueller says, "Control your dreams and energy about new and exciting borders."

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