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The NSW serial killer theory comes when backpackers are missing.


According to statistics, it is unlikely that all three backpackers in Britain, France and Belgium would have been unhappy on the shores of the NSW coast within four months.

There are as many opportunities as Australian forensic psychologists Theo Hayez, Hugo Palmer and Erwan Ferrieux have become victims of serial killer overseas tourists.

Forensic psychologist Tim Watson-Munro shared the idea of ​​the mysterious disappearance of the trio. The Daily Telegraph today.

He says that in a non-malicious situation, three people are likely to disappear, but the authorities should not discount coined foul play.

"We can not discount the fact that there are three young people in two coastal villages in the Australian Geographic Plan who have very similar profiles of missing or deceased," he said.

"In a statistically insignificant amount of time, three backpackers in the same area are unlikely to disappear, and we know that this type of killer eats people who are vulnerable or those who have not missed for a while."

Police said they had no connection between the three disappearances and found no evidence of foul play.

Ferrieux (20) and Palmer (20) both traveled together in February, disappearing together. They have visited several landmarks since arriving in December.

The photos showed Blue Mountain and surfing trips together.

They entered the water near Port Macquarie on February 17th. Walkers found their belongings on the beach around 6:30 the next morning and searched nearby areas in the Faircity van.

Inside, there were travel documents and personal belongings such as identification cards.

Police said earlier this week that the bones found on the coast of the NSW coast were in line with Perry, although none of them had seen it.

Hayez is missing the last of 3 people. The Belgian backpack (18 years old) was seen on May 31 at the Cheeky Monkeys nightclub (315km) in Byron Bay where the last two people disappeared.

When he did not return to his accommodation on June 6th, we received a notice of disappearance.

Theo's parents asked for information about their loved ones, but the police have no new clues.

His father, Laurent Hayez, broke down earlier this month when he called for help from the public.

"When I left Belgium, I promised Theo's brother Lucas that he would take his brother home. Help me keep my promise," he told reporters at a news conference.

"Theo used WhatsApp on the night he disappeared, and he knows politics about confidentiality and respect, but it's a matter of helping someone at serious risk.

"The investigator should be able to access Theo's WhatsApp account without delay, calculated every minute."

To learn more about Mr Watson-Munro's theory, visit: The Daily Telegraph.

If you have information about three missing persons, you should call Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000.

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