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The real star reveals her attacker's necklace


Kardashian released a new article on bullet strikes and said that attackers left a "very emotional" necklace when they stole $ 11 million in jewelry from a Paris hotel room.

"This necklace I have is Jacob's diamond cross, and when I received my first check, it was the first piece of jewelry I bought." Kardashian shared a diamond cross necklace picture in Instagram.

"When I was stolen, it was taken from me," she said. "But the thief dropped a piece of jewelry from the road.

The glittering necklace eventually returned to her. She added with a photo taken in 2007, "I am very sentimental." She also featured wearing Belarusian and Paris Hilton sunglasses.

October 3, 2016 This is the first time Kardashian has talked about an attack in an apartment in Hôtel de Pourtalès. She was threatened with guns, tied up and curled.

Thieves have stolen a total of $ 4 million in engagement rings and other personal items and reported total worth of $ 11 million.

Most items were not recovered.

The burglar made Caldasian disappear from social media for thousands of years. She went underground to deal with the trauma.

on Come with the CardassiansKim urged his sisters, "We should put security guards in every home 24 hours a day."

Caldashian pleaded with the robber: "I have a baby, they can not understand me, please tell them, please, I have a family, let me live."

She said one of the robbers clutched and grabbed her leg. "I had no clothes underneath, he pulled me in front of my bed, I thought this was the moment, they would rape me," Caldashian said.

She said she was "mentally prepared" for fear of being raped. "Then he did not do it," Caldashian said.

"The ducts tied my legs and pointed me at the gun, I knew it was the moment.

Kardashian said, "I watched the dead body in bed and prayed that Kourtney would live a normal life."

"I will not get out of here, it was the last thought, then they picked me up and ran me in the bathroom."

Caldashian said she believed that the thief was on her way to see her and her sister on the way.

"There were people who followed us on the trip," she said.

"I was at home and Snapchatting everyone out, I think I knew they were there by myself."

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