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The storm is expected to hit the Northern Territory in four categories on Saturday.

Cyclone Trevor is headed for the Northern Territory and is expected to be a large system with up to 260 km / h of wind, heavy rains and dangerous storms.

It is expected to increase sharply in the next six to twelve hours with a Category 3 cyclone, and on Saturday it is likely to cross the Northern Territory coast with Category 4 extreme tropical cyclones.

A storm of about 30 km in width, which is the same size as the previous Cyclone Marcus, which hit Darwin a year ago, is expected to be in sight.

Police, emergency service personnel and local authorities warned local residents that if they were confident in the cyclone's eyes, they would "avoid destructive winds from other directions at any time."

Meteorological meteorologist Lauren Pattie said the storm was expected to move to the Northern Territory on Saturday and Sunday.

But I can go back to Queensland next week and stall. "There is not much left to tell when the system will come, but we expect an increase in shower and storm in southern Queensland," Patti said.

She said that any rain will be welcomed by farmers who are suffering from drought. "At this stage we do not expect a particularly important rainfall sum, but the area is very dry and we are sure that the rain will be welcome," Pattie said.

Many roads and schools are closed across the cape, and residents must avoid the risk of driving on flooded roads and watch out for wildlife.

Traces of destruction

Trevor roots trees, closed schools and roads, landed on land north of Queensland, causing severe blackout and heavy rain.

The Aurukun community is likely to clean up on Thursday while Trevor is on his way to Carpentaria Bay on Wednesday.

Trevor tore this area off on Tuesday late in a Category 3 storm and started raining 300 mm of rain and over 133 km / h of wind storms. I have left Queensland as Category 1, but it is expected to re-emerge as Category 4 of the Gulf region over the weekend.

A thug and a destructive wind

The Galapagos is expected to affect areas between Cape York and Pormpuraaw, including Aurukun and Weipa, as the cyclone traverses the western region of the Cape York Peninsula on Thursday morning and is again intense.

A destructive breeze can occur between Weipa and Aurukun on Thursdays, with winds above 130 km / h. Galilee can be moved to Burke Town and Mornington Island late on Friday as the cyclone expands on Thursday night to the south of Kowayama on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula.

As cyclones intensify, storms are expected between Mapoon and Aurukun on Thursday morning. Large waves can cause minor flooding along the coast.

There is now a separate severe weather alert for areas between the Lockhart River and Cooktown in the eastern part of the Cape York Peninsula District.

The flood alerts for the reservoirs in the Daintree and Mossman rivers as well as in the Innisfail north of Kowanyama are now a flood warning.

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