Thursday , December 3 2020

Tony Jones Naomi Osaka Interview Video: Social Media Reaction

Tony Jones is keen on social media portrayed as "patronizing" and "embarrassing" interviews with Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka.

Jones, who was in Channel 9 on Saturday night at the Women's Finals, received the slogan "terrible" and "cringeworthy".

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Osaka (21) walked to Channel 9 next to Margaret Court Stadium at Rod Laver Stadium. The Daphne Archurst Memorial Cup, which won the second Grand Slam victory in six months, said it was not clear to Jones. How did you carry all this? "

When Osaka found the answer awkwardly, he shouted, "There is laughter."

"I always smile," said the Japanese star.

Then we were criticized on Twitter for dealing with questions about Osaka's legacy, saying, "We like to bring you back into the economy," about how we had planned a $ 41 million prize check for Osaka. .

"Your grandparents came back to Japan and you left Japan with three people and you are still Japanese."

"My grandparents, you and your sisters wanted to play tennis, and it took time to finally get on board."

When he took a break, Jones bumped into saying that "mixed single" would come next.

The match was Australia's Astra Sharma and John-Patrick Smith mixed doubles final.

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